To the Momma bear fighting for her life…

Each and every one of us have parts of us that are incredible sources of painfully painful pain, cultivated through experiences we’ve been forced to endure at one point or another.

Whether it be childhood trauma, a missing parent or two, or even relationship trauma, life can begin to feel as though it’s a fight to survive instead of living to thrive.

Some momma’s got pregnant early and thought it was an ultimate key to locking down their infatuatious puppy love’s… others were chasing down the notion that having a baby finally ensured they’d be loved till the end of times. Whatever our reasons were, we were naively unprepared.

Many of us had to grow up while helping them grow up too. We were responsible for not only our own emotional well being, but that of our cubs as well. Doing all of this without having a clue of where to begin.

But i

This one’s for the momma bear who wakes up every day, and fights another day, literally living and breathing life into the one’s who gifted her such a magnificent purpose named nurturer.

This one’s for the momma bear who no matter how much unworthiness she feels, she still screws her smile on and works hard to seem filled with self worth because that is how she wishes to see them living someday later.

This one’s for the momma bear who is actively maintaining her wars from within and strength training consistently to ensure they always get the very best of pieces of her.

This one’s for the momma bear who is utterly exhausted from merely breathing yet endlessly chasing the purposeful legacy she wishes to leave for her little loves.

This one’s for the momma bear who embraces TF out of her downfalls and mishaps while she’s becoming the newest and most improved upgraded version of herself to date.

This one’s for the momma bear who yearns to fulfill her souls desires but put those same desires on the back burner to simmer until she’s first helped them learn to listen to their own callings from within.

This one’s for you lady… I see you lil mama, out there everyday doing the impossible. I need you to know how damn amazing you are to me and to all of your surrounding hearts. Tomorrow would never be the same without you so today I celebrate the appreciation for all that you are.

Keep warring Queen…defeat of your wars from within is coming my dear, hold on to your patience.♥️