Chronic Pain In Recovery

In 2019,  70,980 people lost their lives from drug related deaths…

So it’s no wonder the opioid epidemic regularly makes, front-headline appearances…

The pandemic gives no mercy to the disorder of addiction.

I won’t carry on with overdose stats because that’s not what I came here to say… With so many souls suffering with substance abuse, we need to stand together and make ACTIVE RECOVERY the hot new thing to do…. The #RECOVEROUTLOUD movement has spread its wings & done just that…

I, among millions of others, have taken innovative initiative & are warring in the frontlines against addiction with multiple different approaches to combat its mighty forces. A brother of mine who just so happens to be the founder of a nonprofit organization called Addicted We Stand, has bravely taken his experience & transformed it from pain, to purpose…

Brandon Allan spends his days doing peer support work with people… meeting them where they stand as well as helping them find the treatment that works best for them. He not only stands tall with over 18,000 people in our online recovery community who support his mission, but he also takes his purpose to the streets and gets involved with Utah’s local recovery community to give back to as well!

Brandon and I have done a few empowerment hours before about his journey through spinal surgery while maintaining his recovery. He met me in my digital studio from his hospital room just a few days after surgery and bravely shared his progress along with the treatment plan he had created with his doctor to support his recovery safely.

It’s such an important topic to raise awareness around since physically limiting pains are alive & well within so many people… recovery is no exception. Chronic pain is reality for millions and safely treating this issue for an addict in recovery will save them, and all of us, the headache to follow the event where they’re left with no other option than to go score opiates from the local heroin dealers illegally.

I caught a fiery live feed from Brandon a few nights back after he was turned away from his local hospital and treated like a drug seeking addict… the same hospital who should be shaking his hand and thanking him for all of the souls he’s helped to avoid more overdose trips to their hospital.

Brandon successfully weaned himself down from the opiates after his surgery and used marijuana maintenance instead of the methadone maintenance the doctors all too often recommend.

He expressed that he’d been recently experiencing some physical pancreas problems that can be attributed to his recent surgery so he laid his pride on the table to ask for help after realizing his life was simply not manageable while in so much pain.

Who cares who agrees and who does not because the only relevant coversation is the one about why in the hell we are shaming people who are feeling intense levels of pain from recieving the same MEDICAL treatment that every human is equally entitled to?

Recovery requires much more than a trip to rehab… & it involves more than just a few specialists to combat… It requires a collective community effort where every person must care about helping their neighbors to save themselves, from themselves.

Preventitive care is imperitive… and part of preventitive care is to help people manage their pain. Not treat them like criminals based on judgemental & biased societal opinions.

Brandon and I will be live tonight at 8:00 PM eastern to shed a little more light on the topic and hopefully publicly shame some folks from being hypocritical assholes, risking people’s recoveries for judgemental purposes only. If you or someone you love has been touched by this stigma, WE WANT TO HEAR ABOUT IT so jump over to any of our FB pages (linked below) and tell us about your experience!

Till tonight y’all… <3