Our Mission

Pain To Purpose is a digital support center on a driven mission to spread healthy coping strategies while providing supported accountability throughout.

We strive to serve as a temporary support system during the often-times, difficult transitions from trauma, back into society, to thrive in recovery.

We provide free peer support services with daily meetings VIA zoom through a rotating system of volunteers who host individual meetings from a place of personal experience shared.

We research & share informative support for the many different methods of treatment & introduce various coaches & programs available to address trauma & addiction.

The end goal for any member utilizing our support services, is for them to grow into a space where rejoining the real world, isn’t so scary anymore.

We offer virtual support services to anyone chasing active recovery & gently encourage members to seek the help that they need.

Everyone here views recovery as a broad subject & welcome anyone to come be inspired to peel back the layers of their own trauma because together we’re better.

March Support Schedule w/ Zoom ID & Password

Meet our guiders…

“My suffering gave birth to my healing and now I can heal the world. And for that I am grateful!”
-Jeremy Doemel-

This is brother Jeremy Joseph Doemel. Jeremy struggled with addiction for over 3 decades & is now a proud forever-member of the recovery community, having healed & been reborn. With more than 2 years of what Jeremy calls “forever sobriety”, he is now giving back what was so freely given to him, and helping as many people as possible. Jeremy shares his experience, strength & hope through a Universal Law focused recovery meeting, as well as sitting on our FB Live support panel on Thursday’s at 5:00 pm est.

“I’m a mom, daughter, sister, friend, and I, myself, have been in decisive recovery four years.”
-Steffi Mikkelson-

Sister Stephanie Mikkelson is a recovery coach for Forest County Potawatomi Communities & the Recovery Program Director for The Peshtigo River Center in northern Wisconsin, as well as volunteering in other areas around the state. Steffi believes in breaking out of the boxes of what society thinks recovery is, & encourages people to find the walk that suits them, as she believes there are multiple pathways. Steffi shares her experience, strength & hope every week on our Live Support Series, Thursday’s at 5:00 pm est. with a private meeting also available every Friday at 8:00 pm eastern.

“Jesus…more than a concept,
He’s my hope and strength!”
-Pastor Pat Park-

Pastor Pat Park is a blessed son, husband, father & grandfather, retired after 25 years in the navy and now pastors a local church where Celebrating Recovery is welcomed… He’s also a part of our Bridge The Gap FAMILY which is headed to Indiana in April to bridge a few gaps in his local community. Pastor Pat will celebrate 30 years of sobriety soon after years of alcohol use & shares his experience, strength & hope every Tuesday at 1:00 pm est through a faith based recovery meeting called “Bridging Gaps with God”, as well sitting in on our Live Support Series every Thursday at 5:00 pm est.

“Recovery has taught me how to accept life on life’s terms. Grateful At Heart ❤️ For my Sobriety”
-Mark Goss-

Mark Goss is a brother in recovery, having been a loyal member of our Pain To Purpose support group for almost two years now. Mark spends his days doing carpentry work and recently started very his own Purpose To Passion driven mission called “Mark’s Custom Recovery Creations” (go check out his work on FB). Mark shares his experience, strength & hope each week through a daily devotional focused meeting, Tuesdays’ at 8:00 pm est as well as sitting in on our Live Support Series every Thursday at 5:00 pm est.

“All glory be to God who has been my #1 trainer and counselor on this journey!”
-Jacy Kennedy-

Sister Jacy Kennedy is a woman of God, a wife & momma bear in recovery who spends her days walking by faith wherever life leads her. Jacy is a talented artist, rechanneling her addictive nature through healthy outlets like her art; as well as maintaining a level of consistency in her fitness & personal development that inspires us all. Jacy helps out in our health & recovery hub as well as sharing her experience, strength & hope through a holy spirit focused recovery meeting every Wednesday at 8:00 pm est.

“We all want the same thing & that is to take our pain to that purpose; You know bridge the gap so we never give up!!”
-Matt Traver-

Matt Traver is a brother in recovery, working tirelessly on being a better man than he was yesterday. Matt carries an out-of-this-world work ethic while also maintaining the workings of his recovery; standing as the president of Never Give Up, a nonprofit organization out of Wisconsin helping the local community in need. Matt gives back what was so freely given to him by lending a supportive hand as often as needed, sharing his experience, strength & hope through a Soul Fitness focused recovery meeting, Sunday’s at 8:00 pm est, (7 pm central) as well as sitting in on our Live Support panel every Thursday at 5:00 pm est. (4 pm central).

Stay tuned for more introductions this week & leave your contact info below in the comment section if you’re interested in volunteering!

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