Pain To Purpose: Experiences Worth Sharing- Hunter’s Story

Hunter’s Story

Every once in awhile I share my story. It’s somewhat a long read but if you’re interested in knowing some of who I am here it is:

My name is Hunter Michael Shepard. I am proud to say that I am a recovering addict.

I started smoking weed and drinking when I was 12 years old. That is also the age that I was first incarcerated. At 14 I lost my childhood best friend to a drunk driving accident. It traumatized me and pushed me into a deep depression. I started getting into trouble even more and started to experiment with different drugs. At the age of 17 after my first felony plus an 11 month bid in jail I went on the run from probation and tried heroin for the first time.

Shortly after that I was in the Ohio Department of Youth Services: Circleville Juvenile Correctional Facility. When I got out I went right back into the drug lifestyle. At the age of 19 my daughter, Tatem, was born. I still didn’t stop using drugs or selling them.

By the age of 21 I was doing meth and heroin together. I was involved in robberies, home invasions, drug dealing. I went to treatment for the first time shortly after I started meth. 3 years and 5 different rehabs later I’ve managed to put together almost 2 years of clean time.

It took me almost losing my life to open my eyes enough to want to be clean. Today I no longer have the obsession to use drugs. Today my family and friends have peace of mind knowing that they won’t get the call that my addiction has killed me. Today I have a life I never thought I deserved. Today I can be a father to my daughter. Today I just want to show people that recovery is possible.

Pain To Purpose

A year ago today you got a month clean. I was so proud of you Des. You seriously went from being dark, broken and empty to being a light that shined into everyone that was around you. I’ve lost so many people to the monster of addiction but losing you hurt more than any of them. I love you so much best friend and I’ll see you again ❤ #fuckheroin #stopaddiction #mentalhealth #hurt

Till Next Time Y’all.

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