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Pain To Purpose was originally founded to support substance abuse recovery but quickly felt the need for further support-system development.

Here you can locate a few helpful resources but I’d like to also tell you an experience of strength & hope from a dear brother of mine, Marine Mike.

Read until the end for our brother’s story told by him on an earlier episode of Experiences Worth Sharing.

Around this time last year, Mike tuned into an episode of our inspo series & opened up to us right then & there about the struggle he was facing.

As I read pop up comments aloud, I read his & immediately felt his silent cry for help so I invited him to a support meeting where he need not even speak if he chose not to. He came to the meeting & sat quietly… Eventually he felt comfortable enough to speak & not long after, to turn his camera on giving us the opportunity to watch & learn from his journey, just that much closer.

Then, just as I thought I couldn’t be any more proud of him, he opened up to us about a deeply triggering experience from the time he spent in a third world country, fighting for the freedom of ours.

Tears poured from my eyes like a storm cloud… his truthful vulnerability & willingness to grow in ANY direction he needed to, was inspirational to the third degree.

I watched our brother grow from a place of fear ridden shame in all that made him so uniquely special, to a place of realizing the impact he was walking into & one of knowing he was finally ready for the intense PTSD program that stood between him & his freedom to be.


We aren’t here to offer treatment…. We are here to offer gentle love & support while you dig around in your depths to find the courage that already lives within you…

The courage to set yourself free.

Marine Mike is one of my dearest friends who I’ve met only once in my life, but he often checks in with updates on his progress & rare insight into a form of recovery I’d have never known of without his brave #RECOVEROUTLOUD testimonial.

Since this particular experience, I have gained so much inspiration from our veteran crowd & I want them all to hold a safe space of their own here at Pain To Purpose, specifically tailored to bringing these options to healing towards the surface for anyone to grab on to that needs it.

If you are a veteran & suffering beneath an untruthful stigma of how PTSD makes you weak in some way shape or form, know YOU ARE NEVER ALONE in this! Please reach out to us or to any of the support lines listed above. We have support meetings at least once a day & plenty of people who are there only to help.

Without further adieu, meet Mike The Marine.

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Our support center uses paid subscriptions for meetings & contains hours upon hours of volunteer work.

Any & all contributions are greatly appreciated.