The Discipline Of Doing…

Read That Again!

Turned on some T.D.Jakes after my workout today & cried out at least 101 loud AMEN’s as I listened in. I’ve been on a journey of seeking my relationship with the creator because he’s the only one, my heart can trust to continue on guiding from behind the purest of council.

T.D. speaks passionate words of wisdom beautifully while gently teaching me about his God’s word. I don’t need to believe the same heavenly detail as another to recognize that I have something life changing to learn from each & every interaction I have.

Today’s lesson was about the discipline of doing. He spoke about the uncomfortably lengthy process of building & then living, a purpose filled life. He spoke about how the steps to get where we’re going, often feel like hell because nothing worth building, happens without first constructing a sturdy foundation to build upon.

This of course gripped my heart strings immediately & tears of comfort poured from my eyes. I am so beyond proud of the current steps I’ve taken to get where I’m going.

Closing out the last week of my program with extra reps, dedicated to inner inspiration.

Coming home from my trip was exhausting beyond words… I went the entire weekend in grind mode; with literally zero hours of sleep after experiencing some of the highest sober highs I’ve felt in years… 

Of course exercise was out of the question over that weekend as well and this led me into a week long depression that quite literally dropped me to my knees.

My depression looks different than most… it’s all deep & shit where it looks completely okay on the surface… I helped mom assemble a carport, and juggled life like everything was normal… 

On the inside, where only I could hear; my soul was screaming in agony, gasping for air while heart clenched into surrender.

I’ve committed to living for giving & have since felt an unearthly force gently guiding me all along… A force that leaves no more room for disbelief in my heart; but one that still leaves it up to me, to keep climbing over my fearful doubt in self.

There was nothing left for me to do in this moment, but drop to my knees & finally fucking surrender.

So I did…. & did so with grace.

I’m finally able to face my hardest’s; positioning stance to withstand every oncoming storm, & taking in every moment of glory available from the painful strengthening’s behind me.

So I close out the final week of my monthly program, on day 2 of waking up BEFORE the kids with my morning workout, & a 30 minute YouTube session from T.D. Jakes, feeling renewed & resiliently ready to keep on living in my purpose.♥️

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