The Mission of Addiction.

Time for battle.

I think it’s safe to say addiction has touched every American citizen, or worldwide citizen for that matter, in some way or another whether it be family related or personal.

We’ve started to make some serious changes with how we view this disease ridden brain disorder and it couldn’t be more necessary, in my opinion.

Taking an addicts life and privileges away sounds like a great plan, but unfortunately, we’re a little too late to begin playing parents to these very heart broken, & self destructively addicted, human beings.

We may not be sure where addiction is born but we damn sure need to decide where & how it will die.

There is no cure all to this pandemic so preventative care is our responsibility to require. Our children need hands on experience in the healing aspects of this matter & a front row seat witnessing to the destructive aftermaths, if we want to save them from their future addicted selves.

There are enough of us that have defeated this monstrous from within & have now turned the pain in to purpose whilst standing tall on our war memorials to tell the courageous tales of survival.

We’re teaming up & working, unitedly, to eradicate the shame behind the shameful disorder, that is wiping out an entire generation of our people.

Too many souls are suffering in this epidemic together yet feel completely alone in their sorrows. There is no reason for this… connection IS the opposite of addiction. Connecting these brave warriors together is key. Judgement free support is also necessary. When we make people afraid to come to us as they’re in dire need of help, they’ll keep dying off, one by one. I don’t know about you, but I’m so damn sick & tired of losing so many courageous soldiers that this world is forever darker without their presences.

There is no discrimination with addiction, it can take anyone over with just one of the many bad decisions we tend to humanly choose on a daily basis.

It doesn’t care if you’re rich or poor… it doesn’t care what color your skin is or what culture you’ve come from… it doesn’t care if your old or young, weak or strong. It will consume every addicted individual it touches, leaving not one shred of mercy to the soul.

I know firsthand of this self destruction… I also know personally of the destruction I became sick enough to consistently inflict on the hearts I love the most. Every moral or value I’d ever known, GONE… just out the window like a fiery red cigarette-butt hitting the pavement & growing more & more distant in my rear view mirror.

I stole and lied and stole and lied some more. It didn’t bother my conscience too often and when it did, I numbed it harder. There were nights after nights spent hidden in a bathtub getting high while my spirit longed to experience living life.

I covered every mirror with a blanket because I absolutely despised my own reflection. Looking in the mirror and staring straight into the eye’s of the piece of shit who ruined my life & broke my children’s hearts, was something I lost the courage to do after awhile.

When it became too much to bare any longer, I walked the edge of SW Florida’s Cape Coral bridge and discovered I was too big of a coward to jump.

When there’s no available option to die, you’re only left with the option to live.♥️

So we commit to leaving the land of the dead and we live. Not only living but thriving… because that’s what we owe to the universe after being granted a 46th chance at life.

I see it time and time again from the most broken of beings, clawing their way free from the depths of hell and thriving on to tell their story of survival, all the while knowing it was all worth it, even if it could just help one life.

I see these brave souls and I reach out and feed from their magnificence… I soak up every last drop of their beauty and I bask with them while intently focusing on pulling a lesson of my own from their courageous recovery.

Encouragement and kindness is required with any type of human frailties… I’m genuinely proud of them because I know how hard it is to take that first breath of recovery during active addiction. They need to know how proud I am, how proud WE are. They need to see the clean and positive support that’s waiting on the other side. Feeling alone in our suffering is never something people should feel… we as a society owe our brothers and sisters the knowledge of knowing there is always an arm being extended to help pick themselves back up when they’re in need.

Tough love doesn’t include not loving anymore. I’m not a big component for the tough love theory. To each their own, but it’s just not my style and I don’t feel bad about it.

I think loving is the cure. I believe feelings of love-lacking is a huge culprit… it doesn’t take a medical degree to know how to solve a problem of lacking love… just love.

So I love, and I encourage the world to love. I encourage the lessening of judgement and the eradication of shame. I encourage you to take action as well…. it’s not just my community that’s cascading and dying off, it’s all of our communities. I invite you to join this movement and assist in healing humanity with us, one day at a time.

Insert call to action here.👇

You won’t ever regret loving.

Till next time y’all.♥️

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  1. Hey I’m crap with technology but would love to follow your blog’s. How do I go about that.
    Sorry if my question seems dumb.

    1. Not dumb at all sir! Believe it or not but I’m pretty crap with technology as well. I’m working on adding a plugin so please bare with me while I try to do magic!!

  2. This is awesome. I love the perspective that is presented here. Can hardly wait for more. Thank You so much.

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