The Recovered Contribution

Soul Work

Money was always tight when I was a kid… & food was even scarcer.

I only lived with my momma bear on & then off again because she just couldn’t handle my feistiness… & with the exception of one fancy auntie, the rest of the family was poor too.

I’ve thought a lot about my personal relationship with food & finances & boy do I ever remember the developmental process, like it was yesterday.

Standing in line at the grocery store became this overwhelming and guilt ridden event for whomever it was, that was putting food in my mouth at the time….

Being home with mom always hurt right away when I’d open the fridge to see the last hot dog in the pack… blindly feeling a fearful moment filled with worry for how my siblings would eat, even though I childishly envied them for taking mom away from me after she’d been only mine for so long….

Standing in the lunch line at school dreading the unveiling of our, in home financial crisis as I neared closer to having to enter my free lunch code… & follow it up with a walk of shame to an unfamiliar table where no one wanted to be associating with the poor girl.

These are merely a few of the reasons why I grew up vowing to never raise my children in such a manner… but low and behold, here I am… struggling with money in the same ways I used to judge momma so harshly for.

Today I’m building something from nothing with carefully planted cash flows that will HOPEFULLY back us up anytime another one falls out of place… an empire of security for not only my own littles, but the little inside of me that’s working hard to get used to living within the boundary walls of the once empty spaces.

January 1st, 2020 was the day I vowed to make this year a year of hardened, & disciplined work mode…

I go out only when required; scheduling almost no time for play because that’s what it takes to get on track after a lifetime of painful financial experiences…

I throw out as much good as I possibly can into the gravitating universe with the hopes of abundance returning to me and mines so I can guard my little loves from hungry tummies and guilt trips in the grocery line.

I’m building my empire around becoming an intern to the healing with no need for insurance gimmicks to support my grind but the investments into this are alive and well….

I plan to have a much more organized space to call my own for our organization’s services at some point but for now I depend on outside platforms with monthly subscriptions that we can’t afford but afford because it’s the year of all or nothing.

Asking for payments is definitely a momentary weak spot of mine so I’m building up my confidence & practicing to value my work and the worth that I provide; as often as I possibly can.

With that being said… I’d like to list off a few of the free services we provide.

We do Peer support meetings through zoom so that isolation is avoided…

We have a miracle morning complete with group meditations through zoom, using a paid app to stream sessions within another, paid for by us app.

We follow up meditation with some mindful movements streamed through two separately paid apps as well….

We bring illustrations of hope to your iPhone/Android screens using a whole lot of time spent seeking them out, and then building a beautiful studio where they can RECOVER OUT LOUD with confidence and hopefully influence recovery in the same way the media world once trended wineries & long pinky nails for easier cocaine use.

The investment list goes on and on with no precise intentions or expectations….

I have faith in my journey along with the financial road I’m traveling so I’m going with my gut and creating a space where I can ask for your, support the cause donations but only from the one’s who believe in our purpose & cause.

If you follow our work and have wondered how you may be able to help out or contribute, then this is my vulnerable speaking when I say, your support is now needed with a preexisting condition of beyond appreciated….

All support donations are guaranteed to support humans… humans who won’t die from isolation or lack of connection to their kind… our digital support center is available to all those chasing ACTIVE recovery and anyone else needing comfort too.

Share this out if you can’t donate and spread a little love to the lost for once they’ve been found, the world gains one more war hero to keep on fighting the good battle against addiction & all of its cleverly disguised demons.

Donate today where every penny counts.♥️

We appreciate you.💪