What is love?

Grew up watching fairytaled happy endings with Prince Charming faithfully waking his future queen, from behind true loves kiss.

Watched the sequels to these stories where prince & princess were dubbed king & queen, but our leading dame was now living underneath her love, delightlessly dulling her inner shine, to rise down to the perfect standard she thought her king desired.

What a twist-taled idea to mold our love life’s reality y’all.

I am that story…. have been for too long. Habitually waking every morning merely to please others becomes painful af…

& this is simply not what we she’s were so wonderfully made to birth.

Women were gifted a nurturing something so unique & powerful that we are able to naturally transform from girls, to tangible portals of life.

This is one of the rarest contributions in existence & we as women, need to recognize this in ourselves AS WELL AS in one another; for everything that it is & more.

It really is a new dawn for our lady populous… & it’s shining so bright, that even our modern day Disney princesses are rising to the occasion.

The incessant hounding I always heard from grown ups screaming, “love yourself first”, used to actually annoy me… but what a foolish girl I was because they were so very correct.

I hope to teach this new learning of mine, to my daughter, in time; so she may heed the obnoxious repetitive’s I’ll never stop offering & learn to fall into the arms of herself, first & foremost, so she can forever remain her OWN, first true love.

Being in love is one of life’s greatest joys & that’s okay….

It’s precisely why we should fight tirelessly, for as long as it takes, to make sure we’re healed enough to enjoy this supernatural sense from the heavens.

Two people who have taken the time to fall in love with their own souls first, will draw TO each other’s energy & just strengthen one another’s, inner love pools… never drawing FROM them.

There is hope for the soul connected love that seems so fictional… Once we’ve mastered it from within, we can walk into love & receive a ginormous version to MATCH the one we’ve already grown accustomed to experiencing from self.

This is the love I wish so desperately for my daughter to stumble upon someday… & If I any hope for this to become, I must live it myself, every damn day.

#andsoshedid ♥️